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Thread: Edmonton greenhouse gas strategy

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    Default Edmonton greenhouse gas strategy

    "aspirational pledge notwithstanding" Love it!!! Like a wedding vow these days.

    Paula Simons: Edmonton greenhouse gas strategy full of hot air

    More from Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal
    Published on: September 22, 2016

    By 2018, the city is actually on track to emit 394,000 tonnes of CO2.

    That’s despite the fact that council had previously pledged to cut emissions to 179,228 tonnes by that date.

    Now admittedly, in the past four years, Edmonton has grown. The city has opened more buildings, put up more street lights. Growth drove emissions up. But still, we’re talking about a pretty shocking failure to meet a very public pledge. It’s just that kind of over-promising that just makes the public cynical about climate change policy.

    This Tuesday, council ..."

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    Default Renewable Energy Certificate Scam Continues

    Excerpt from The Way Ahead document going before Edmonton City Council today:

    While 2016 greenhouse gas emissions from City operations declined 24 percent from 2015, most of the reduction was achieved through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (87 percent) and the greening of the Alberta Power Grid (9 percent).
    See page 39 here:

    This makes me mad on a few different levels.

    The federal and provincial governments are taking actions to reduce GHG emissions that are mostly real (and somewhat painful). Meanwhile, City Council is playing games.

    Based on City estimates, in 2016, less than one percent of the Administration's claimed 24% reduction in GHGs is due to the City's own operations, the rest due to accounting tricks.

    How many Edmontonians know that millions of their tax dollars are being shipped down the QE2 to buy Renewable Energy Certificates from Enmax, a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Calgary?

    How many Edmontonians know that many of the RECs are invested in biomass generating plants, a fuel source dirtier than coal that emits as much or more GHGs?


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