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Thread: The Year of Auston Matthews

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    Default The Year of Auston Matthews

    I've watched a few Leafs broadcasts. The announcers and commentators are already apologizing in advance - it's Auston Matthews all the time.

    And since Toronto is the anointed centre of the hockey universe we're going to hear about it.

    They got beat 6-1 by the Habs a week ago. But Matthews scored the Leafs goal. It was final undeniable proof that he is one of the greats, shown repeatedly in the highlights, while Galchenyuk's beauty give and go, with Radulov passing from his knees, shown once.

    But it was his first, so I guess ...

    Nice to see the Leafs with some real promise for a change. I really like Reilly. They like to rub it in that he was drafted in the Yak year. They've sucked for a long time, just not as bad as the Oilers, which makes it worse. They finally managed to out-suck us by a point last season. They're convinced sucking that bad is a one-and-done thing. Ha ha.
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    ^However one feels about the Maple Laughs, it's to the best interest of the NHL (and to Rogers broadcasting empire) to hype up its superstars. Like the supposed rivalry between Crosby and Ovechkin it's time for a new generation of rivals to take the reins.
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