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Thread: Dry Cleaner Recommendations near Downtown

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    Default Dry Cleaner Recommendations near Downtown

    Hi all,

    I need recommendations for a dry cleaner in or near Oliver/Grandin/downtown.
    Bonus if you can tell me their prices for a suits, blazers, and/or blouses.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Tony the Tailor on 104 Street. They send their stuff out, of course, but generally can get it back within 3-4 days. Can't help you out on prices, I don't suit up often enough to recall. I think it's around 3-4 bucks to have a shirt cleaned and pressed.

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    Isn't there still a Page the Cleaner on 111 Ave and 124 St.?
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    I use the Page the Cleaners at 117 & Jasper, but that's mostly due to the proximity to my condo.
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