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    Interesting document by WR. Between 2007 and 2014 alone, the Federal government received $190 billion more from Alberta than it spent, transferred, contributed or provided benefits back to. 20 to 28 billion per year. Norway by contrast gave 0 to anyone-else. Personally, I'm ok with equalization, I understand it makes sense to help our neighbours. But I get annoyed when people claim other places have done better, without considering what we have given up to Canada.

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    The Heritage Savings Trust Fund was initially grown through banking some of the proceeds. Did the province rapidly embed higher program and infrastructure costs based on extraordinarily high 1970s prices or were other factors at play? The fact that it had to be capped during a downturn in oil and gas prices should be studied in terms of the sector's returns, margins attained on different types of oil and gas, as well as margins on upgraded products, the sector's relationship to overall provincial program spending, labour force characteristics, lack of alternate provincial revenue sources, inflationary cost increases, etc.
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    ^Heritage savings fund was an impossible dream in a confederation, that 190 billion illustrates why. Other provinces with deficits and larger populations aren't going to allow one provide to build up a piggy bank. As the fund grew, it started to be offset by a Federal policies. The equalization increased, and the federal government transfers and spends in Alberta decreased relative to population (whereas they increased to other provinces). We will never have a big fund while Ontario and Quebec have huge debts, that's just political reality (not that we are capable of saving under the NDP anyway, who like the pcs post Klein are doing the opposite).


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