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Thread: Premier Notley's Second Year

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    Quote Originally Posted by H.L. View Post
    Unions think they should go up! LOL, head out of your @sses union leaders
    They’d argue that it’s essentially their ‘fiduciary’ responsibility. It’s a horrible immoral excuse. Similarly business owners use the very same excuse for a lot of their bad behaviour saying: ‘Our job is to serve the shareholder.’ Well, it’s total garbage.

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    The last public union contracts that made the news had no increases, so they at least understand that they're better off with frozen wages than with a strike or with lost employment.

    I don't mind if unions are looking out for their members, so long as they are unions only and not also certifying bodies (ATA), and as long as they are recognized as such. The public (and the government) need to be willing to call groups like ATA when they pretend to be advocacy organizations, but at least unions are in it for the long term unlike, say, vulture funds.
    There can only be one.

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