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Thread: CONS in Glass Houses!! Do As We Say, Not As We Do!

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    Talking CONS in Glass Houses!! Do As We Say, Not As We Do!

    And the CONS wonder why they are out of power and few people are willing to buy their false moral outrage....

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    ^You do realize she did what Trudeau was supposed to do, went to the Ethics commissioner and asked for permission / cleared it, first? Of course, the ethics rules don't apply to boy wonder.

    “Ms. Ambrose has followed all rules that apply to her with respect to her holiday, and was open and transparent with the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, unlike the Prime Minister,” Mr. Storeshaw said.

    “Ms. Ambrose paid for a flight on a charter to the holiday destination along with a number of friends, none of whom are public office holders.

    The Ethics Commissioner’s office confirmed no inquiry into Ms. Ambrose’s trip has been launched.”

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    Mr. Storeshaw said Ms. Ambrose travelled between Jan. 3 and 14, but only checked in with the Office of the Ethics Commissioner on Jan. 12....

    Let's do some calculations. Vacation starts on January 3. Notification sent on January 12. How many days was she on the boat?

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    The fact that she started slinging mud the same day she was asking for permission over her already-made transgression is priceless & totally what I've come to expect from Rona Ambrose.
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    Yes, Justin Trudeau and Rona Ambrose are both screwing up with ethics.

    I can't believe this is the clown parade running our country right now.

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    This is why it's better to hae a yacht owning private island landlord like O'Leary as PM, he can't be bought with fancy vacations!
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    Just want to make sure the whole picture is set out.


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