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Thread: Oilers owner sued by Brazilian model

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    Default Oilers owner sued by Brazilian model

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    I don't think this model will win any settlement. It sounds like her husband is pushing for something but it's not going to happen. Reading between the lines it also seems like the husband has a colourful past. Maybe they were hoping Katz would settle out of court before they started the proceedings. He said she said sounds like.
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    This was covered in the Oilers thread. This is opportunism, naked extortion.

    The actresses spouse by his own accounts is an FBI informant, A professional gambler, and a convicted felon. What does that add up to. This is a play for money. The actress even continued on having discussions with Katz regarding helping her career subsequent to his advances and asking her to be his paid companion. At worst Katz offered to help her career, her life, in exchange for sex. Basically standard Hollywood.
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