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Thread: edmonton to calgary in 30 minutes?

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    Default edmonton to calgary in 30 minutes?

    Calgary to Edmonton in 30 minutes? Hyperloop could be the future of transportation in Alberta

    Toronto-based startup TransPod looks at Alberta corridor to see if hyperloop could connect the 2 cities
    CBC News Posted: Apr 07, 2017 2:42 PM MT Last Updated: Apr 07, 2017 3:12 PM MT

    Aluminum pods would ride on a cushion of air and transport people at high speeds between cities. (Transpod)

    Imagine getting from Calgary to Edmonton in under 30 minutes without having to race pickup trucks on the QEII.

    With transit technology called hyperloop, that dream might someday become a reality.

    Next week, the head of a Toronto-based startup that plans to build hyperloop technology is coming to town to check out the Calgary-to-Edmonton corridor.


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    All these high speed transit ideas beg one question that no one will answer satisfactorily.

    Why would anyone willingly want to go to Calgary?

    The second point is, if they build it, say goodbye to international destinations from EIA.

    BTW there already is a hyperloop thread
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    If this ever happens, say goodbye to YEG. In fact say goodbye to most domestic airports if/when a full scale system develops throughout North America. At twice the speed of the average aircraft the only flights needed will be international.
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