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Thread: What was the Mount Tekerra passenger train?

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    Default What was the Mount Tekerra passenger train?

    I saw this photo and wonder what route it took. Sounds like it was dedicated to the Jasper area

    "Description: View of a mother black bear and four cubs on railway tracks passing in front of Mount Tekarra passenger train." 1943

    Photo is part of this:

    Prairie Postcards Collection

    About the Collection

    Cyclone approaching Vulcan, 1927Cyclone approaching
    Vulcan, 1927

    The Prairie Postcards Collection consists of 14,000+ postcards depicting various aspects of life on the Canadian Prairies from the late 19th through the mid 20th centuries. This initial offering was acquired in two stages, and we will continue to add to it as additional Prairie-themed cards are digitized and described.

    The majority of the cards are individuals. However, there are several ‘booklets’, some of which consist of a set of individual cards together in an ‘envelope’ which is a postcard in its own right, others of which consist of a set of smaller cards that are all attached to each other (and to the ‘main’ card) and fold-out. In both cases, each card has been digitized and described separately, but the connection to the rest of the set has been maintained in the record.

    The physical collection is housed in the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library and is available to students, staff, and the general public for use within the Library. ..."
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