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Thread: Elevator Access in DT Condo

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    Default Elevator Access in DT Condo

    Hi all,

    What has been your experience with elevators being "down" for an extended period of time in a mid-rise condo building? There was recently a fire in one of the elevators in my building, causing all three to go offline. The property manager has given no ETA for resolution and the current rumor amongst residents is it could be a MONTH before they are fixed.

    Obviously that is horribly inconvenient for the day-to-day, worse so for people with a scheduled move in/move out, and outrageous for the elderly and disabled in the building.

    Do owners have any recourse here?



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    i would doubt whether you have recourse but you should be entitled to more information than it appears you have. your property manager should be able to provide you with a status report but not knowing your definition of "recently", it's difficult to say whether that report would include much hard information - there's a big difference between 3-4 days and 3-4 weeks when describing recent. if you can't get any answers from the property manager, you should be contacting your board either in writing or at the next meeting for an update. don't forget however that the board members are volunteer owners who have as much at stake in the building as you do and courtesy will go a long way.

    as for the time, that will depend on what needs replacement and/or testing to determine what needs replacement. from the sounds of it i would guess that many of the electronic boards will need replacing, and likely the control panels in that cab. if all of the control panels need replacement it may take time just for parts to arrive if they're not in stock locally. from there, the elevators are connected to the building's fire alarm panels so that will need to be verified and depending on the extent of the fire you may need to test the cables etc. (i'm assuming that in a mid-rise they're not hydraulic).

    if the cables and or the cabs need replacement, you're looking at a big time-consuming task for which a month is not a long time. once completed, the work may have to be recertified by adaersa before they can be put back in service and they can be pretty backed up in doing their inspections.

    going back to the matter of recourse, unless someone was at fault that was actually negligent and had sufficient insurance, as a condo owner the only source of recourse is yourself and the rest of the owners - there isn't some good fairy out there who will fix everything if only they're contacted properly.
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    We had a flooding incident on the 9th floor that caused both of our elevators to go offline. They both stayed offline for about a week & then they cannibalized them both to make one Frankenstein's Elevator that functioned & we ran with that one elevator for over a year while we waited for the parts & techs to be available to get them both fixed. Part of the insane delay was the fact this happened the same year as the Calgary flooding & all the relevant resources were taken up down south though, so I wouldn't expect the same sorts of delays for you. That being said, elevators aren't generally quick fixes.
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    Nor cheap.

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