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Thread: Family neighborhood to live for a year

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    Default Family neighborhood to live for a year

    Hi guys any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    My family of 4 (1 yo twins) plus a dog are moving to your great city for year in August. I'm coming to work in a couple of the central hospitals and am looking for advice for neighborhoods to look at/ avoid?
    Any other tips to consider for a newcomer would be greatly appreciated.

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    South central like Belgravia, Parkallen, Windsor Park, McKernan would be my areas of focus. They're all good, quiet family neighbourhoods. You could go a bit further south to Lendrum which is beside Southgate mall and the LRT
    West areas like Laurier Heights, Parkview, Crestwood would also work with easier driving access to most of the central hospitals.


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    With two kids and a dog you're probably looking for a house?
    Which hospitals might make a difference too. If it's a day job with a rush hour commute you'll want to stay on the side of the river where you're working, or take transit, but if you'll be doing shift work and driving you'll have lots of options.

    Parkallen/Allendale/McKernan are good choices, and if you'll be working at both the Alex and the UofA you've have great access to both via LRT.

    Neighbourhoods close to the Alex, especially south and close by east, are a little rough. For safe feeling neighbourhoods with easy access to the Alex go East to Highlands/Bellevue/Virginia Park, or west past 124st.
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    Strathearn, Holyrood, Bonnie Doon, Forest Heights all have relatively easy access by vehicle to the Royal Alex and University hospital and great access to the River Valley and Downtown/Whyte Ave.

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    Strathcona, Ritchie as well.
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    List of neighbourhoods in Edmonton

    If you click on one of the articles about an individual neighbourhood, there's usually a chart at the bottom that allows you to click on adjacent neighbourhoods to the north, south, east and west.

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    Some great advice here, thanks very much for taking the time for that. Yup I'm definitely after a house rather than appartment. I'm mainly in UofA hospital with the odd day here and there. So anything north or the river is a bad commute?
    Many thanks again

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    If you have to drive in and around rush hour, crossing the river residents one of the bigger bottlenecks in traffic here. If you get an accident on or leading to one of the bridges, traffic can back up substantially. If you're using transit, the Light Rail Transit (LRT) line, runs straight to U of A, so you could live anywhere along the line and have a reasonable commute.

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    'Parkallen/Allendale/McKernan are good choices'



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    Few questions to consider:
    What's your budget?
    How long a commute is acceptable to you?
    Do you prefer to ride transit over drive? If so, will you be doing shift work?
    Would you prioritize a larger/newer house in a suburban neighborhood over being closer to work with less space?

    I know you said you will be mostly at UAH. Will you be at RAH much? That commute can be pretty terrible from the deep south. If substantial time would be spent at RAH, I'd consider also looking in Glenora, Grovenor. It's still a quick trip to UAH, but RAH commute would be much easier than coming from south of the river.

    I'm assuming no/minimal GNH or MIS?


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