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Thread: Rescue aircraft will take two days to reach north pole

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    Default Rescue aircraft will take two days to reach north pole

    So instead of buying an aircraft with decent range and speed, to conduct rescue missions, anyone stuck in the arctic, wanting Canadian help, will need to wait 2 days, because the Liberals have decided to cheap out on the required aircraft.

    Disappointing. The Spartan would be a great fit, its related to our existing Hercules (just two less engines), and is proven.

    The Italian aerospace firm, Leonardo, is angry that its C-27J aircraft, which it contends could reach the North Pole in a single flight from a military base in Winnipeg, was rejected by the federal government.

    The winning aircraft, the Airbus C-295, is slower and would take two days to reach a disaster site at the North Pole or similar Arctic locations, Leonardo’s representatives argue.

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    Sounds like the rescue criteria was pretty sketchy right from the start.

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    I sill do not know why anyone thinks that Winnipeg or even Edmonton is a suitable northern base.

    I always believed that a major northern base should be located in Rankin Inlet, Baker Lake or Repulse Bay
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    Staff...access to local resources and resupply infrastructure...basic infrastructure for longer term settlements...
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    How about Yellowknife? Winnipeg is almost on the 49th parallel, about as far from the Arctic as possible. Winnipeg is close to Mexico City than the North Pole.
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    Some guy posted first hand experience:

    I worked in NDHQ when the BOXTOP Crash happened, and it took Canadian SAR Techs three days to reach the survivors. IATA went ballistic when they found out that the Canadian Armed Forces could not arrive at a Crash Site within hours. Canada's Arctic is used for hundreds of Polar Flights daily, most with passengers wearing Short sleeved Shirts and shorts. IATA mandated that Canada must respond to a Major Air Disaster of a Commercial Airliner within hours of a crash, not two-three days later.

    When I was a member of MAJAID out of the Canadian Airborne Centre Edmonton, CFB Edmonton was an Air Force Base. We had a Standard of Excellence to be at a Major Air Disaster crash within hours, and had a variety of aircraft located at CFB Edmonton to meet that need.

    Canadian Forces Search and Rescue personnel MUST, without exception, respond to high north crashes in hours, or the casualties will be catastrophic. The victims will be eaten overnight, and crash survivors can freeze to death in hours.

    I think what happened in Quebec with the floods is going to be a rude wake up call to NDHQ about Disaster Assistance Response and Relief times. As a whole, we need to be reallocating training and resources to that of natural disasters and less time training at CFB Wainwright. Doing exercises at CFB Wainwright, the military gets really good at...doing exercises at CFB Wainwright. If Canada happened to be invaded by a foreign army, the enemy force would probably use the area of CFB Wainwright to dump their garbage and empty water bottles, as it has no other strategic purposes other than that. They would probably use CMTC HQ as a Drinking Mess and to watch TV out of, kind of like what it is used for right now!
    He isn't wrong either.

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    And now we have Arctic adventure tours and massive cruise ships going through the Northwest Passage with no viable way to rescue about 900 guests and 600 crew members on board.
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    It's pretty shoddy that Trudeau's government are not taking this more seriously.
    It seems more effort is put into rescuing people from the south pole that the north pole even though the distances are just as great. If Trudeau wants to look like a player when it comes to protecting and taking charge of the far north he should maybe start to show some initiatives.

    Alert lies just 817 km (508 mi) from the North Pole; the nearest Canadian city is Iqaluit, the capital of the territory of Nunavut, 2,092 km (1,300 mi) away. The settlement is surrounded by rugged hills and valleys.

    Cities close to the south pole:
    Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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