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Thread: Trump on immigration, big beautiful walls, etc

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    Believe it or not, sometimes politics is not doing what's best for your party, it's doing what's best for the country.
    Haha. Funny one. Gullible and naive much?
    You mean like the Republicans that told Nixon it was time to resign because there weren't enough votes in the Senate to prevent impeachment? Unlike the ones now.

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    The more I see the left trying to conjure up Russian scare conspiracies and use every deceitful tactic they can think of in an attempt to remove Trump from power, the more I am starting to wonder if Nixon really was innocent and was possibly entrapped by his political opponents.

    It never would have even crossed my mind before, but seeing how the left has become completely, frighteningly unhinged over the last few years tells me that when this is how the far-left is willing to take things, it isn't out of the realm of possibility.

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    Keep the delusions front and center.

    Nixon was framed and all the tapes were just done by voice actors and people went to prison due to Watergate just for fun.

    Do you come with a laugh track because you should come out of the closet and do standup in front of a large audience. Come to Montreal, I know I can get you a solid booking with the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival
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    With the extent that the media lies and pushes hoaxes like the debunked Trump-Russia conspiracy theory for ratings, you can't rule anything out anymore.

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    No, you lie and push hoaxes and conspiracy theories.
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