We are partnering with a pair of local pilots to look at having a Harvard Ground School. For aspiring pilots, current pilots, or old pilots who want to reminisce about their RCAF training years, the kind team at Yellow Thunder will provide a day of ground school orientation on the characteristics, capabilities, and maintenance/operations of this aircraft. Participants will be allowed to get in deep with the airplane, see its inner workings, and also receive a ground school handbook to take home. Plus, there will be a draw to get flight time (for pilots with a license) or a ride (non-licensed) in the Harvards after the school concludes.

If you are interested, or know someone who would be interested, please forward this thread to them. Or, have them write [email protected]


This is for information only, and will not constitute formal flight training or maintenance certification.

If this is a success, we will look to do more each airshow, highlighting different aircraft such as a Corsair, P-38, or even a Mitsubishi Zero!

We wanted to get a Sabre, but unfortunately Vintage Wings is no longer operating that event and the plane is up for sale.