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    Main beef with our city is : these CEO'S our management teams who have tunnel vision , can't think outside the box and rather than be pro active , they reactive.

    In simple terms: take a blue color worker who has ever worked for a major contractor. We been groomed ,..before any work is done to fill out a START card . We look at the job and take the time to look at ALL the risks , or problems that can arise , what could go wrong . Then you have to figer out how to mitigate those risks and if you can' don't work.

    Now take the city as example CEO Don Iveson . We open up a new arena , there's a lack of bathroom facility's , the police get stretch thin , for they under funded .

    So rather than see these problems and mitigate . They become reactive ! They point fingers and their only , solution is to raise taxes ....when it shouldn't have been a problem , they should have done their start cards , put funding in place ( have they even found the missing $100 million ? )

    There really no excuse for it. Much like the LRT 2 years behind schedule have an I'll experienced college / university student as CEO. A paper writer , best a bus driver and he fled to the feds.

    So the problem with : being reactive . It takes someone to get seriously injured, it takes having no bathrooms , it takes an underfunded police force...the damage is already done

    Where as pro active . It preventative, those things don't happen . It actually saves us money in the long run.

    I just hope you vote for a pro active candidate in the next election. Peace !

    P.s.... there also a safety factor . It comes with bidding , it comes with safety. You always times it by 1.5 or even 2. So if they tell you the arena be $300 million . You account for $500-600 million !

    So katz say puts in $100 million. . Your thinking he's ponying up 33% of the costs . But , due to the councilors incompetence / lack of experience...he's now putting 100 down on 600...about keep all the profits ! Hugest scam in Edmontons history . Bigger than picklington. Peace !

    Staples too, our fake news putting out those numbers when they really didn't have an understanding . What happens when our puppet media control by the puppet master . Wake up !
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    Or you can listen to the threats of moving the team , for the city isn't world class , not on the map....we're not champions. Let them degrade you and feel like a Deadman ton so hopeless and trap , vulnerable's pathetic!...You guys been beaten down, demoralized ; bent's sickening. No identity . No diversification. It's abuse ! Now give them all your money, The Shooters Will Revitalize You
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    so you theory is that everyone should fill out START cards and this would cure all the problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by champking View Post
    Main beef with our city is :
    Are you talking about St. Albert?

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    They can't micromanage everything however they can set the tone and offer praise for a number of things and shelter staff from blowbacks. (In otherwords simply acting like good parents.) However, bureaucracies are never rewarded for thinking outside of the box. They are publicly chastised for any error when creativity fails so they bias every decision towards being conservative.


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