The flicker of hope for Edmonton to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games is getting closer to being snuffed out, if the mayor gets his way.

"The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves that it's not the right time to be pursuing mega-events on our own," Don Iveson said Tuesday.
Iveson's position on stepping back from the Commonwealth Games is echoed by the chair of a new report prepared by a citizens' panel on major sports events.

"I think the mayor has looked at it from a rational approach as to where we are today and what we've got in front of us and what the economy's looking like," Reg Milley said. "And yes, that's a good decision."

In the report, called "The Changing Field of Play," the panel outlines the types of sporting events Edmonton is best suited to host in coming years. The panel looked at various factors, such as the cost of security and accommodation for athletes to how cost-effective the facilities are to build and how much tourism revenues the city would get.

"Edmonton shouldn't bid on events simply because they can host them," Milley said.

The panel suggests Edmonton host one mega-event, such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA men's World Cup soccer tournament, every 20 to 30 years. It recommends the city host at least six major events, such as the Commonwealth Games or the FIFA women's World Cup, every 12 years.