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    The National Cathedral and others call out Trump for his lie about how he gave McCain the funeral he wanted. And let's not forget that not only did he initially not lower the flags, he ordered that they not be. He was later shamed into doing so.

    A spokesperson for the National Cathedral told reporter Jon-Christopher Bua: "Sen. McCain’s funeral did not need presidential approval.”

    Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire also said Wednesday night on MSNBC that McCain's funeral proceedings at the Arizona state capitol, the U.S. Capitol, and the National Cathedral did not require Trump's sign off.

    "It wasn't something he gave to John McCain," Lemire said. "Congress decides who lies in state. The National Cathedral presides over the services. The state of Arizona took care of what happened there for McCain. What the president did do was arrange for military transport for McCain's body from Arizona to Washington. ... So yes, he played a role, but he didn't take care of the whole thing."

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    Trump is still pizzed that he was not invited as the guest of honor at the funeral.
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    Lock her up! Lock her up!
    For using her own private email server.

    Remember that chant.

    Ivanka and Jared both use their own emails for official government business.

    What a bunch of hypocrites.

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    Clinton, in newly revealed emails, discussed classified foreign policy matters, secretive 'private' comms channel with Israel | Fox News

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    Did Fox also report that a half dozen of Trump's team including Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump used their private emails to discuss government business, did not keep copies of emails and made foreign contacts on unsecured servers? Did Fox also report that Kushner used a free app called Whatapp to make unsecured calls?

    Or is Fox just running propaganda whataboutism?
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    Worse that using private email, they are using Whatapp to conduct government business. Whatapp is a private messenger app owned by FACEBOOK!!! What is with the GOP and the Trumps crying foul and then turning around and doing things 300x worse.

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    The free and independent press was reporting about this in October. You know, before the midterms when Republicans controlled everything and did nothing to protect American interests.

    Kushner and Saudi crown prince communicated informally on WhatsApp: report
    BY BRETT SAMUELS - 10/17/18

    From one year ago.
    March 21 2018

    Now that the Democrats won the House in the midterms, they are investigating those reports.

    Elijah Cummings: White House officials using personal accounts to do official work
    House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings said Thursday his committee has obtained new information that several senior White House officials have used personal email and messaging accounts to conduct government business, asserting that President Donald Trump's son-in-law communicated with foreign leaders through a private messaging application that appears to lack adequate safeguards.

    In a Thursday letter to the White House, the Maryland Democrat alleged that Jared Kushner, who is also a senior White House adviser, had been using WhatsApp, a popular messaging application, to "communicate with foreign leaders" -- something he said that Kushner's attorney had confirmed in a private meeting. He also contended that Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump, also a senior adviser, may be in violation of the Presidential Records Act by her use of private emails.
    The allegations from Democrats that some of Trump's closest confidants -- as well as former officials Steve Bannon and K.T. McFarland -- used personal email come as Trump continues to attack Hillary Clinton for using a private email system when serving as secretary of state.

    In the letter, Cummings revealed that his panel learned the new information in a private meeting in December with Abbe Lowell, an attorney for both Kushner and Ivanka Trump.
    Kushner using Whatsapp

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    John McCain probably wouldn’t have responded to Trump’s comments. As his friend, I will.
    by Joseph I. Lieberman
    First, when McCain turned a controversial dossier involving Trump over to the FBI in 2016, it was exactly what he should have done, what I would have done and what every senator I served with did in similar circumstances. Serious allegations were made in that file, so McCain turned it over to the FBI to investigate. Giving the file to anyone else or throwing it away would have been a dereliction of duty and improper in our rule-of-law country.
    Trump stated that McCain should have given the Dossier to him and not the FBI. This is another example of how Trump believes that he is in total control but also above the law, making decisions about the Dossier and not the FBI who he distrusts.

    So Trump believes that the FBI is biased and he is not.
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    John McCain’s youngest daughter slams Trump in rare public statement
    Kathleen Joyce By Kathleen Joyce | Fox News

    “Everyone doesn’t have to agree with my dad or like him, but I do ask you to be decent and respectful,” she wrote. “If you can’t do those two things, be mindful. We only said goodbye to him 7 months ago.”

    “Even if you were invited to my dad’s funeral, you would have only wanted to be there for the credit and not for any condolences. Unfortunately, you could not be counted on to be courteous, as you are a child in the most important role the world knows,” she wrote.
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    Trump brings up McCain unbidden in Ohio speech.

    Media reports on it.

    Members of the public, including the McCain family, respond.

    The press asks Trump about why he keeps bringing up McCain.

    Trump responds that he didn't bring him up, the reporter did.


    Bartiromo: But Mr. president, he's dead. He can't punch bank. I know you punch back, but he's dead.

    Trump: No I don't talk about it. People ask me the question, I didn't bring this up. You brought it up, you asked the question.

    Bartiromo: Well you talked about it this week.

    Trump: You asked me the question, when I went out yesterday to the scrum they asked me the question. When they ask me the question, I answer the question. But you people bring it up, I don’t bring it up. I'm not a fan. He was horrible what he did with repeal and replace. What he did to the Republican party and to the nation, and to sick people that could have had great health care was not good. So I’m not a fan of John McCain and that's fine.

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    Yeah, he's removing addition sanctions that his own administration put in place because he likes Kim.

    The greatest negotiator in the world.

    Trump sparks confusion with tweet on North Korea-related sanctions

    President Donald Trump triggered rampant confusion among his own aides and administration officials when he said Friday he is withdrawing new sanctions aimed at North Korea that were just issued by his own administration.

    "It was announced today by the U.S. Treasury that additional large scale Sanctions would be added to those already existing Sanctions on North Korea. I have today ordered the withdrawal of those additional Sanctions!" Trump tweeted on Friday.

    Trump's announcement amounted to a startling rebuke of policy action announced by his own government, once again calling attention to the unconventional and undisciplined policy process that has often defined the Trump administration. The White House declined to give details on the sudden policy shift, but said Trump was pulling back newly-issued sanctions because he "likes" North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un.

    It was not immediately clear which sanctions Trump was referring to. But just 24 hours earlier, the Treasury Department announced sanctions targeting two Chinese shipping companies that have allegedly helped North Korea skirt sanctions imposed by the United Nations. The new actions were fulfilled under existing sanctions authority.

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    Muller has submitted his report.

    Robert Mueller's Russia investigation report delivered to U.S. attorney general

    Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday turned over his long-awaited final report on the contentious Russia investigation that has cast a dark shadow over Donald Trump's presidency, entangled Trump's family and resulted in criminal charges against some of the president's closest associates.

    The comprehensive report — still confidential for now — marks the end of Mueller's probe but sets the stage for big public fights to come. The next steps are up to Trump's attorney general, to Congress and, in all likelihood, federal courts.

    The Justice Department said Mueller delivered his final report to U.S. Attorney General William Barr and officially concluded his probe of Russian election interference and possible co-ordination with Trump associates. The report will now be reviewed by Barr, who has said he will write his own account communicating Mueller's findings to Congress and the American public.

    Barr said he could send his account to Congress quickly.

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    So what? Ask someone who cares.... lol
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