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    Do you subscribe to any city based digital media outlets? podcasts?

    A few I regularly read (but don't pay for):

    I check out taproot once in a while. I hear Elise Stolte's FB page is good reading.

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    Just found this:

    Another Karen Unland pursuit.

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    Liz Nicholls at had former Ed Journal Books editor Marc Horton and Todd Babiak doing fringe reviews this season. They were the best review team in the city hands down.

    Warhorse Colin Maclean was writing reviews for Mike Ross at again this year.

    Tim Querengesser has a podcast about walking in cities. I may have read about it here.

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    Any sports fans subscribe to The Athletic Edmonton edition? Opened pretty recently I believe. Former Globe sports guy James Mirtle is behind the venture - all NHL cities by the looks of things.

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    Congratulations to Jeremy Klaszus in Calgary for The Sprawl. What a great effort.

    I appreciate Daveberta's coverage of the Edmonton election but something like The Sprawl Edmonton edition would be awesome.

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    Lowetide (sports broadcaster Allan Mitchell) is moving feature items from his blog over to The Athletic for which fans have to buy a subscription. He started with a Sunday column at The Athletic. Apparently he will still post daily on the blog. Mitchell is read broadly and has encouraged the careers of local sports data commentators Woodguy and Sunil Agnihotri.

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    Not Edmonton specific but well worth a listen on the subject:

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    Mack Male and Troy Pavlek have a new podcast about municipal politics - Speaking Municipally as part of Taproot. Episode 2 is well worth a listen.


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