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Thread: YESS Quest, August 19-20

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    Default YESS Quest, August 19-20

    [Copied from someone's message to me.]

    Youth Empowerment and Support Services Quest. It is a 24-hour gaming marathon on August 19-20, 12pm-12pm where you can game (computer, console, table or board) in support of YESS and hang out with fellow gamers. It is essentially one big LAN party, hosted at Northlands.

    You bring your own gear, but there will be places for you to play any type of game.

    Other things of note:
    - Boston Pizza is our dinner sponsor and will be providing food
    - Microsoft will be presenting some new tech on the main stage
    - A popular speedrunner doing a speedrun on the main stage
    - There will be prizes from Bioware
    - ATB is a table sponsor
    - Sonic radio will be pushing it over the next few weeks
    - Fragapalooza is doing the network setup and pushing it at this years Fraga
    - One of the escape rooms is building some mobile ones for people to try on site.
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    Huh, news to me.
    Sounds a lot like that Extra Life game day.
    Hope it goes well for them.

    Thanks for the info.


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