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Thread: 2018 Concerts

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    Not much notice , not cool Fleetwood Mac.

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    Saw them twice, not interested in seeing them again, especially without Buckingham.

    Thing is, with any Senior Citizen band you kind of expect cancellations and late ones. Mac have cancelled and rescheduled 3 different shows in Edmonton. One in 90's, then around 2005, and now this one. I think in total appearances here they are batting around .500. They are that kind of temperamental act and although they don't say who got sick any Mac fan would know who. For some of the same reason Buckingham says no to some of these tours.

    The oddest thing is how this band could possibly need more money. I can't imagine theres many Fleetwood Mac fans that haven't seen them already. Great band, but nothing current. Buy the more than two decade old old "The Dance" DVD AND NOTHING has changed. Same tunes, same production. They've essentially become a cover band of their own hits being around 30-40years removed from any of them. Indeed Mac have been a non musical force for much longer than the dozen years where they did deliver their peak material. They could appear at a museum and not seem out of place..

    This may shock people but

    Christine McVie 75yrs old
    Stevie Nicks 70 yrs old
    Mick Fleetwood 71
    John McVie 73 in a week.

    Not cute little pie faces anymore. More like masks of makeup to hide the faces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic Death Monkey View Post
    Fleetwood Mac rescheduled at the last minute, reappearing April 13.
    Apparently it was Stevie Nicks. Something with her voice.
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