Building Edmonton now online
Edmontonians can now access status of City infrastructure projects online
September 8, 2017

The City of Edmonton has publicly launched Building Edmonton, an interactive online map, highlighting the capital infrastructure program being delivered by Integrated Infrastructure Services on behalf of the City of Edmonton.This web-based guide provides residents and businesses with information that was previously only provided to City Council about current infrastructure projects including facility, LRT, open space and transportation projects across the city.

The map provides critical project information, including scope, schedule and budget and will be updated on a quarterly basis.

“Our aim is to improve the access to information we’re providing the public on the many infrastructure project currently being undertaken by the City,” said Adam Laughlin, Deputy City Manager of Integrated Infrastructure Services. “It also provides a snapshot of the many, varied projects happening throughout the City and I hope gives Edmontonians an appreciation of how their City is changing and growing.”

The map is available at It is divided into two parts, standalone projects and composite programs which contain multiple project locations. The Building Edmonton map will enable citizens to click on a project icon to see the following details: project name, asset type, scope, budget, schedule, current project delivery phase and most recent quarterly update.

Projects on this map are at various phases in the delivery of a capital project, identified as concept design, detailed design and build. They are mapped accordingly to provide context for all of the work happening throughout the City.

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Media contact:
Holly Budd
Communications Manager, Integrated Infrastructure Services