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    Better late than never thread.

    Crowd for the match on Friday was around 4-5K with attendance being capped around 6K. Still, not much of a show for matches and product of this calibre. I think part of the reason for that is confusion around the actual event. Originally start time Friday was stated to be 2:30, then it became 2:45, 3:00 pm and so on and without even listing the order of the matches and not releasing who would be in the matches until near event time. I think a lot of people felt they couldn't make the event due to it being a work day. The reality is the Shapovalov match didn't even start until 6:30 and lasted till near 11pm MST.

    There seemed to be some delay with getting the whole event going. Perhaps they were waiting for the crowd to filter in. But the event start time was really botched. So much confusion around that.

    Today its the doubles, I find doubles less appealing, and theres only the one match this afternoon. Sunday afaik will be back to singles tennis albeit it is unclear whether there will be one match or two. For instance I don't know if the 5th match is played regardless, or just as a rubber match if its required. Also unknown at this time whether Shapovalov will be in 4th or 5th match on Sunday.

    Ticket prices are 40bucks. That might be a factor in why people are not going but this is high level talent. Last night for instance pitted the rising Canadian star Shapovalov, who has been slaying some of the high ranked opponents in the world with a savvy player that rose as high as 88 in the world. It was a very good match in which Shapy prevailed but having to work very hard to do it. The draw is tied 1-1 as Canada lost the first match.

    Just as an aside the one frustrating aspect of high level Canadian Tennis play is the constant notion of having to kill every shot instead of just dropping easy shots onto the court and making sure they hit court. So many points left hanging in both matches and the Canadians, in both matches, should have fared better than they did. Shapovalov is very young though so he has every excuse for lack of patience, or not completing easier shots.

    Anyway event is at Rexall place. Start times 2pm today and 1pm Sunday albeit take those start times with large grains of salt. These matches seemingly start much later.
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    When I first heard about this I was interested in attending. I've never seen elite level tennis live and thought this would be a good introduction. However, unless I wanted to to drop $150 and spend the weekend wondering when stuff was going to start it didn't appear as if I'd get a chance. The ticketing information was confusing and vague.

    They may have been better off at a smaller venue. Last time I watched Davis Cup from Vancouver it was held in what looked like a rather intimate venue and had a real raucous atmosphere. Looked like fun.

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    Last time it was here it was in the Butterdome, Canada Vs Chile, 1996. We went to that one. Good fun, good entertainment. Tennis, played at a high level, is pretty good entertainment. We seldom get players of this calibre here at all.
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