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    A late but very good friend of ours was one of these. Said he was essentially slave labour on the farm where he was placed. His brothers and sisters were all split up and sent to different countries.

    'It's like they never existed': Toronto monument will honour mistreated British Home Children - Toronto - CBC News

    Many of the 115,000 who came to Canada over 8 decades provided cheap labour and suffered abuse

    She learned that 75 children are buried in two graves that were unmarked for years in Toronto's Park Lawn Cemetery.

    To ensure they are not forgotten, Oschefski spearheaded a campaign to erect a monument on the site, with all 75 names inscribed, to be unveiled on Sunday. "We need a place to go and remember these children. A place to go and mourn the loss of these children."

    About four million Canadians are descendants of British Home Children.

    Oschefski said the scheme was born out good intentions, with over 50 organizations involved to bring children to Canada.
    "The vast majority of these children were treated as workers, these children were not welcomed as family members."

    Arthur Clarkson, for example, who arrived in 1907 at the age of 12, was kept in a cold attic with no glass in the windows at a Tillsonburg, Ont., farm. Snow got into his room and end up on his feet, causing them to swell, Oschefski said.

    Clarkson couldn't fit into his boots, so he was forced to work outside in his bare feet. When he was unable to work, the farmer whipped him, she said. While an inspector eventually removed him from those conditions, his feet were permanently deformed.

    'A lot of them were physically abused, whippings and beatings, some girls sexually abused.'
    — Lori Oschefski, researcher

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