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Thread: Ward 8 Candidates

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    Default Ward 8 Candidates

    I know Henderson is up for re-election, but it seems like he hasn't put much effort in to the election this time. His website isn't even working.
    Kirsten Goa signs are everywhere on private property. I've seen lots of Eli Schrader signs as well, but mostly on public property.

    Kosowan seems to be the most reasonable on issues. The others seem to be focusing on LGBQT and homelessness. While certainly issues, I don't think those are going to be at the top of many voters' minds.

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    Yeah, I'm surprised that Henderson seems to be mailing it in, especially when Goa seems to have a lot of support behind her (meaning he actually has a challenger this election, and should be doing more). If he didn't want to run, why toss his hat into ring? I've seen a total of 2 Henderson signs on private property.
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    Goa and Kosowan will carve up the dissatisfied former Henderson voters. Henderson probably wins again. Too bad because both those other candidates are credible and working hard. Schrader is an affable fellow and I hope he runs again.

    Despite all the hand wringing over how to keep cranks from running for mayor there appear to be many worthy candidates running across the city. Ward 7 Matthew Kleywegt in particular caught my attention.


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