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    Colonist car exhibit reveals how the arrival of the railway boosted Edmonton - Edmonton |

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    More on what this was (loads of google hits on the Calgary exhibit):

    Fortney: Colonist Car offers glimpse into early days of Western Canada | Calgary Herald

    “Heritage Park officials have been proud to host what was thought to be Colonist Car number 2658, one of only two built by the CPR that still exist.

    A recent restoration of the car, however, unearthed a major discovery: it was not car 2658, but car 1202 — one made years earlier, and thus, one that would have carried countless more immigrants to their Western Canadian destinations.

    “When we started the restoration, peeling back the layers, we realized it was even older,” says Alida Visbach, Heritage Park’s president and CEO. “It was one of the first to come off the lines, which makes it an even more rare artifact.”

    Built at Montreal’s Angus Shops in 1905, the car, says Visbach, “is nothing less than a national treasure.”

    Over the next two years, ...”

    The project is in partnership with BMO Financial Group, the government of Alberta, the City of Calgary and with support from Calgary philanthropist Joan Snyder.

    “It is the story of Canada, how we became who we are today, with the whole mosaic of cultures,” says Visbach, whose own parents arrived at Pier 21 from Holland just after the Second World War. “We all came from somewhere else, with the exception of our First Nations.”

    Trains not only delivered those Canadians; ...”

    Journey of a Lifetime, Presented by BMO Financial Group - Alliance 150 - Alliance 150
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