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Thread: Groat Road Bridge Rebuild

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    Default Groat Road Bridge Rebuild

    The city is about to rebuild the Groat Bridge.
    As I understand it, they will be demolishing and replacing the entire superstructure that the roadbed sits on. Essentially demolishing the bridge, except for the piers, and rebuilding it. This bridge is only about 60 years old. I'm not a civil engineer but that doesn't seem like a very long lifespan for a structure like a bridge.

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    News to me.

    I recall a crack in the stone facing on the north bank if that matters, plus there’s the discussion a year or two ago about changing the traffic flows on the north side of it.

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    Yes, that is the scope of work.

    If that is appropriate lifespan or not, what does it matter unless you are questioning that it needs to be completed?

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    some details on why the rebuild is needed here including pictures:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medwards View Post
    Yeah that’s the road discussion I recalled. The bridge itself is news to me. Thanks for the links.

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    Glad that they killed the twin traffic circle ide with one clockwise and one counter clockwise.
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