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Thread: NY Times article on Hadestown in Edmonton

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    Default NY Times article on Hadestown in Edmonton

    An Unexpected New Stop on the Road to Broadway: Edmonton

    Hopefully this brings more Broadway productions here.
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    Good show and entirely positive article. Teenage me had a twinge of pride from, "Edmonton - the northernmost big city in North America ..." in the Times. Not to mention the entirely-fortunate bonus that, "... Edmonton's location - and, in particular, the lack of direct flights from New York - came to feel like a plus, rather than a minus."

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    Hadestown was so good, we could of gone a second time.

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    As a longtime STH we didn't like Hadestown at all. Thing is if you didn't like the album it was based on, and that isn't one of your genres you were done because it was ALL music. Virtually negligible story and yet a production that goes on and on for 2.5hrs with about 5mins of storyline.

    The leads were not particularly good singers, the story what there was of it didn't engage.

    The sets were mundane. Basically looked like any Nisku warehouse. It takes effort to make Hades look boring but it pulled that off. Had no idea what pulled anybody in to this one. We went because its part of the playbill. Didn't see what the point of the production was or anything it was trying to say. Mind you I don't really get into stuff like West Side Story or Grease either. Its the same kind of soppy romance. The audience seemed to like it but in our performance there were several family members of the performance that were giving a raucous cheer before the play even started so that got things revved up a bit.

    That said every review of every show you ever see at the Citadel is positive. They don't give critical reviews here. No matter what the show. We've enjoyed a lot of the productions immensely through the years. Occasionally its hit and miss according to tastes.

    I am curious for others that went was it the music that grabbed you? I think it would be hard to like it without liking the music first and foremost. The male lead for us we were both cringing every time he started singing. Kind of a country twang to his voice. (Can't stand country music)

    Hopefully this doesn't bring more off Broadway productions here.

    Heres a rare review that actually had the courage to be critical of the production. Agree with all of it.
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