Anyone have any stats on Alberta’s net gain or loss on travel and tourism?

Here’s an article about the Canadian situation.

$17 BILLION dollars!!!!!!

Canadian tourism industry losing out as millennials travel abroad - The Globe and Mail

“Globe-trotting millennials have exacerbated Canada's "international travel deficit" – the difference between what Canadians of all ages spend travelling outside the country and what we glean from foreign tourists coming here. In 2015, despite the low dollar, that deficit was about $17-billion, as Canadians took 32.3 million overnight trips outside the country and foreign travellers made 17.8 million trips here.”

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A study published last year by Destination Canada said the No. 1 issue keeping young Canadians from travelling in Canada is the high cost of domestic transportation. But there is also an image problem. "Canadian millennials perceive foreign countries as more exotic and adventurous than Canada," the report said.