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Thread: K-Days 2018 line-up

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    Default K-Days 2018 line-up

    Northlands unveiled the tenth and final headliner for the K-Days South Stage and we couldn’t be more excited about the dynamic range of artists that has been put together. If K-Days weren’t already the 10 best days of summer, these performers will ensure it.
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    Not a bad selection. Me, I'm finding K-Days more "same-y" all the time, since they not only copy the rides and stalls, but even the same LOCATIONS. I kinda miss the days when that ugly (... yellow?) building showcased whatever local stuff they couldn't fit into the Halls (before most of them were built, I think).

    I also really miss the "Cultural Showcase" theme they had going. I feel like they only did that for my first few years going to the thing- they had a Nordic Cultures one in one year (complete with historical information and mythological stuff), and a Caribbean one another year. Once they stopped doing that, the Halls lost a lot of their uniqueness.

    This year, they stuck a bunch of local businesses in one small section, ironically keeping them AWAY from the main "Shopping Showcase Hall", complete with actually making it hard to see the stalls AND making it hard to get in there (with a long fence separating them from the rest of the hall). I guess that's new.

    Those arcade machines that play all sorts of things are back, oddly with one separated from the others. And hey- there's another Travelling Animal Show thing, but with things liked to "Wizardry & Magic" (ie. tarantulas, reptiles & owls). At least that's new.

    What the heck happened to RibFest, though? I remember for several years running, they'd have four giant trailers set up for it, but this year (and I think the last) there's been only two. It looks really sad now, with only the Prairie & Gator BBQ stalls up. And what's with only letting people enter via the Beer Garden area? That's kinda arbitrary.

    All in all, not bad. I just miss the Cultural Showcase (and the one year they did the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame), and find the event rarely changes overly much year after year. I get why they mimic the same map all the time (is it me, or did the fairground once extend PAST the Chilkoot Gold Mine as well? Now, that's just parking), but when I can still find the same Shaved Ice stall in the same place it's always been, it kinda lends an air of "Been There; Done That" to things.


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