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    Here is what John Ivison suggests has to be done:

    I had already started by no longer buying Heinz products (closure of their Leamington facility and leaving tomato growers in the lurch - French's stepped up) and Campbell Soups (closing Toronto soon to move all production to the US).

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    If you buy made in the USA, you are the problem. Not part of the problem, but the problem.

    Move south if you disagree.

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    Another link to the call for a USA Boycott

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    You can't really boycott America due to our absolute dependence on a wide range of US goods. But limiting patronage by not vacationing there anymore or not doing in person business there or not doing cross border shopping are feasible.

    I do think less Canadians going south for any reason sends enough of a message and a significant enough one. As far as merchandising or retailers here we're pretty much sitting ducks for buying US.

    Some small things would be boycotting places like Ruth Chris that advertising selling USDA beef. (do they still do that?) Stop drinking yank beer, who would anyway heh.
    "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Replacement
    As far as merchandising or retailers here we're pretty much sitting ducks for buying US.
    Buy "import" cars. Made at Canadian factories.

    Mexican produce.

    European appliances.

    (If Chinese isn't your thing) Japanese, Taiwanese, or Vietnamese electronics by non-US brands.

    Etc., etc.

    You are only a sitting duck if you allow Trump trash and their fifth-columnists here to snipe at you.

    And if you are a business owner/decision maker -- for God's sake, diversify.
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    ^For me pretty much done, done, done, anyway. I buy few US products on purpose in general. But in winter produce and veggies is a bit hard to get around. I was just referring mainly to most stores here being US chains.
    "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"

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    “Googled” on my American brand iPhone: Canadian made appliances. Instead found this from 2003:

    Appliance makers in Canada a dying breed - The Globe and Mail

    PUBLISHED MARCH 31, 2003
    UPDATED APRIL 18, 2018

    “John Wood looks around him at the remnants of the Canadian appliance industry.

    In 1964, he said, 37 Canadian companies manufactured washing machines, stoves and refrigerators. Today, there are four. Workers in the industry used to total 10,000. Now, there are 2,500.

    By next year, Mr. Wood said, he'll be looking at just three manufacturers.” ...

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    ^Well, if you want Canadian industry, then perhaps you don't want free trade? Just saying.

    All of this was endlessly discussed thirty years ago. We knew we would lose industry, in exchange for trade stability, lower prices, and access to markets in areas where the expertise was truly ours.

    And we all cheered it for decades.

    Except that, just as the doomsayers predicted, all it has taken is for America to reassert its American-ness and the whole thing is crashing down.

    We have seen the USA for what it is. Trump is not the problem -- he is the symptom.

    "National policy", anyone?

    Or, if not, trade with Europe to the exclusion of the USA?


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