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    Interesting idea, particularly for outlying areas and late night.

    Uber for buses? How some Canadian cities are using technology to tackle transit troubles

    A small city in eastern Ontario is running an experiment that could one day have a big impact on public transit operators across North America.

    Belleville Transit has launched a new service allowing customers to summon a bus to their nearest bus stop — and the ride won't take the scenic route to their destination.

    "This is a brand new system that has not been used by any other transit service in North America," says Paul Buck, Belleville's manager of transit operations.

    The city of 50,000 is moving its late-night bus route to this ride hailing model. It plans to test the concept for a year, and if the "Uber for buses" idea works, it will also be integrated into Belleville's daytime service.

    The project puts the city at the centre of a wave of technology-driven change in public transit.
    Using Belleville's new app, riders schedule a ride, indicating whether their pickup or drop-off time is more important. The software processes that data — constantly updating itself to optimize all scheduled rides — and maps the best route to get all riders to their destinations as quickly as possible.

    The app also sends riders confirmation notices,"to let you know that it's done deal," says Buck, and simultaneously sends the pickup information to the bus's driver via a tablet.


    Should the app prove successful, the long-term plan for Belleville is to keep its large buses on a fixed route in its central, high-traffic area, while feeding that route using the bus-hailing app by bringing passengers in from low-density zones.

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