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Thread: Wrought iron handrail

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    Default Wrought iron handrail

    It's time to update a small handrail in our house. Has anyone had any experience or can recommend an Edmonton company that does this ?
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    Prices will shock you. There’s not much to them so you could probably make a nice metal one yourself. Look online for the parts - new or used.

    When I thought back to what our original metal railing looked like I realized that I could have just left it in place, and modified it. (Cut out the ugliness, paint the gold vinyl handrail capping or cut it off and capped it with a new rail, inserted new metal or wood spindles and painted it. I think I could have got something that would have looked ok for near pennies. Plus a chance to use my angle grinder. )

    I got a quote on putting oak flooring down our basement staircase and it was shockingly expensive and the guy flat out said that they wouldn’t even match the wrap around nosing used on our main floor staircase. So I did it myself for maybe a quarter of the price.

    I’m making an oak handrail for our basement to match the custom built one upstairs. However because of the tight corner at the bottom steps mine is going to be a swing out rail and bottom post so I can move large items in and out. Even that won’t be too hard. Just time consuming.
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    Ahh... the new " grinder " angle. A boy will use any excuse to try out the new tool lol.
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