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Thread: Dick Assman strikes again! Where's Letterman?

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    Default Dick Assman strikes again! Where's Letterman?

    An article just to show you how stupid things can get when we continue to think someone MIGHT be offended...sometime....somewhere....somehow...

    Quote Originally Posted by CBC
    It's his name, he's proud of it, and he wants it on his Saskatchewan licence plate.

    But Dave Assman of Melville, Sask., says SGI has rejected his request to allow him to use "Assman" on a personalized plate, calling it an "unacceptable slogan."

    "It's my last name, I've always had it," he said, of the name with German roots, that he pronounces as "Oss-men."

    "I'm not ashamed of it. There's nothing bad about it."

    In 1999, the name even sparked its own "Assmania" craze, when late-night talk show host David Letterman found and interviewed a Saskatchewan gas station worker and manager by the name of Dick Assman.
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    Reminds me of the time I went to the Sony store when it was on Whyte Ave and the salesman asked my name. I told him, and as he held out his hand he said “You F*ck.” I wasn’t sure how to take that until he handed me his card that said “Ufuk Yavasser.” I kept that card for years and years and years.
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