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Thread: Edmonton history - WWII up to the 1970s oil boom

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    Default Edmonton history - WWII up to the 1970s oil boom

    I thought I’d use this article to start a new history thread.

    The effects of WWII and our early oil development seem inextricably linked so it seems appropriate.

    Repercussions of war and oil on Edmonton, Alberta
    W. C. Wonders
    Mélanges géographiques canadiens offerts à Raoul Blanchard
    Volume 3, Number 6, 1959

    “The cost of providing services and school facilities for this population has skyrocketed civic debt to the point where it now exceeds that of the province.”
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    ESSO & Edmonton Motors

    Edmonton, Alberta, 1950s | Hemmings Daily
    Daniel Strohl on Feb 20th, 2014

    “...This one from the late 1950s showing Edmonton Motors at Jasper Avenue and 115th Street in Edmonton, Alberta, comes from Darrell on the Vintage Car Showrooms pool on Flickr, and as we can see from the modern-day street view, Edmonton Motors is still around and still selling Chevrolets and Cadillacs. What do you see here?


    Louis Armstrong in Edmonton | #LostYEG: Lost Edmonton

    “I recently purchased a very interesting photograph from the 1950s labelled “Louis Armstrong” and “Vinnie’s Rest in Edm”. The print looks like an original from the 1950s. This led me to research when Louis Armstrong was in Edmonton. As it turns out, ...”
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