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Thread: Jason Kenney and the UCP Performance - first year of power

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumbones View Post
    If we had been a separate nation we could have did what Norway did but we are just a province of Canada. I think it’s been said 1000 times here yet most still don’t get that.
    Like Norway? It would never have happened. Our best shot at anything close to it was via Peter Lougheed’s vision and pragmatism.

    However, it’s oil and gas that have provided most of our cash flows and most of those resources have gone south. Agricultural and timber products going east and west have, in comparison, been small sidelines.

    Then remember the Crow Rate. A great refresher here:

    Gunning for a new Crow | Maclean's | MARCH 16, 1981
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    How quickly we forgot how this country started and why we have equalization payments, yet some entitled oil and gas workers want to separate? Good luck getting the oil to tidewater if that happens.
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    If Alberta separates, getting to tidewater is easy. Just bury a oil pipeline underground to the BC coast and...

    ...wait a minute...


    ...thinking some more...

    ...****, separation is a bad idea.
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