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Thread: What architectural styles are acceptable in Edmonton.

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    Default What architectural styles are acceptable in Edmonton.

    When I look at buildings around the city I see many different architectural styles that have been used. When new construction occurs though there are only some styles that seem to be acceptable by most here on C2E. Some other styles seem to be critisized and considered faux historical. I would like to ask the question, What architectural styles are acceptable for the city of Edmonton?

    Is it wrong for a building to be designed in an Edwardian style or in an Art Deco style (for example). Is everything that is built now have to be built in modern style to not be critisized as faux historic?
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    i think the key is not in the style but in the quality of its execution regardless of the style. having said that, some - including art deco and edwardian - are more difficult to execute properly in both design and construction
    and it is that which is likely to see them criticized rather than "what they're not stylewise".
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    Coming from someone who loves the Art Deco style, I agree with kcantor. It is the execution, not the style, that is key. Any style done haphazardly will present a horrid face.

    As for "acceptable", some of the pulling that goes on here is hilarious to read in the back and forth; however, when a group of wannabe architects demand a modicum of power to then pooh pooh and stop every building because of the massing, or use of one material over the other, or whatever...yet have not once actually done anything on their own merits...I just roll my eyes.

    When I see some of the uber-critics actually go forth and get the land, get the architects and engineers, amass the 8-10 digits, get your business plans, go through the approvals, and then survive the onslaught of angry NIMBYS guised as concerned citizens, haughty bubble pipe smoking stylists, hubris-loaded critics, indignant competitors, and cultural monkey-spankers wanting buildings full of economic unobtanium in our market...I will give the critics more credit. Your opinion is OK, but the vitriol and hubris some have is hilarious. Once you can cash that cheque you're trying to write, I'll listen more than just casually.

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    BBC has a number of interesting articles on architecture. I’m always surprised at what I actually like, especially the stuff that looks like a two year old could create with LEGO. They show that the right arrangement of blocks, colours and materials can be quite nice looking.

    However, what I really appreciate the most are the designs that both look amazing and are well beyond my own imagination.

    Seven architectural wonders from the RIBA National Awards
    27 June 2019

    As the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) recognise those buildings around the UK that have made a significant contribution to architecture this year, we explore seven of the 54 National Award winners, from which the shortlist for the prestigious RIBA Stirling prize will be drawn.


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