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Thread: Low Income Senior wants to know if there are lawyers who do pro bono wills

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    Default Low Income Senior wants to know if there are lawyers who do pro bono wills

    I am wondering if there are lawyers or places that do up wills for low income seniors who can't afford to pay for one. These are pretty simple wills.
    Is it just easier to do up your own hologram will?

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    you could inquire at sage or at the legal aid office or the law society or maybe even the law faculty at the u if a?
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    Speak with the ECLC.
    The Edmonton Community Legal Centre provides free legal information and advice to low to moderate income people in the Edmonton area. The Edmonton Community Legal Centre is one of the seven legal clinics in Alberta that are available to provide legal help.
    If they can't help you directly they'll be the best informed to tell you where you can get the help you need.
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    Many of these places can tell you what one should put into a will but they don't actually draw them up. Good suggestions which I appreciate - Thank you

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    Thanks for all the great suggestions.


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