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Thread: Brookfield RPS and River Valley price index.

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    Default Brookfield RPS and River Valley price index.

    Anyone see an issue with this data?

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    it's hard to tell if there's an issue with the data without the data being disclosed...

    alberta is pretty straightforward, edmonton could be edmonton or greater edmonton and i have no real idea what is or isn't "river valley victoria".

    i'm also not sure how they're determining "average property value" or what that entails. it seems to imply all properties whereas most real estate charting is based on sales and/or listing values. i could understand those drops in sales and/or listing values as much of that could be accounted for by increased proportionate activity for lower priced properties and decreased proportionate activity for higher priced properties.

    i would have a hard time believing that the entire inventory has experienced those kinds of drops.

    to further confuse things, the chart is presenting year over year changes in value but presents them in a quarterly format so the drops are not cumulative from one segment to the next. strange...
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    And to what it is, maybe it’s commercial or vacant lands/lots.

    I’m not even sure of what this link is from:
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    Thank you gentlemen. The graph comes from my bank. Brookfield RPS is an added real estate appraisal service if you're a retail customer. . You enter your address and type of home (condo in this case) and it will look at the neighborhood and give you an appraisal. It does not ask for square footage. My condo is apparently worth 18% less than when bought. That's an eye popping loss of equity, so I thought to ask around those who know better.
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